The Address for the NRV-HOA is NEW RIVER VILLAGE , 675 New Village Drive, Christiansburg, Va. 24073 for any mailings.  New River Village Controls the box and checks may be put in the BOX WITH OUT a Stamp. The box is an incoming mail box only and NO MAIL will be picked up by the US Post Office, Deliveries for NRV-HOA only!


Thank You



 The Treasurer's ADDRESS for the NRV-HOA Assessments ( Dues ) and/or Realtor closing information :

New River Village Secretary

675 New Village Dr.

Christiansburg, Va. 24073                      or




Meet the New River Village Directors

Kenneth Close  President  Cell 540-818-2891
Steve Burrell     Director at large        
Jen Fraley         Director Secretary
Nancy Close     Archetectural Development

New River Village,675 New Village Rd.
Christiansburg, Virginia 24073