The Address for the NRV-HOA is NEW RIVER VILLAGE , 675 New Village Drive, Christiansburg, Va. 24073 for any mailings.  New River Village Controls the box and checks may be put in the BOX WITH OUT a Stamp. The box is an incoming mail box only and NO MAIL will be picked up by the US Post Office, Deliveries for NRV-HOA only!


Thank You



 The Treasurer's ADDRESS for the NRV-HOA Assessments ( Dues ) and/or Realtor closing information :

New River Village Secretary

675 New Village Dr.

Christiansburg, Va. 24073                      or




Meet the New River Village Directors

Steve Burrell     Director at large        
Jennifer Fraley         Director Secretary


New River Village,675 New Village Rd.
Christiansburg, Virginia 24073